Organic Leather Conditioner

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Organic Leather Conditioner is an organic leather conditioning treatment for tack, boots, leather purses, furniture and more! It is eco-friendly, hand made in my home with love from all natural, organic ingredients.

"Great product! Smells delicious & I saw an immediate difference in my tack! It's a must have for the barn!*****"

"This stuff is awesome! I used it on my saddle and I immediately saw a difference. It's softer, darker, grippier, and looks terrific! This is probably the best saddle conditioner I've ever used. *****"

"OMG! THIS is the best discovery of 2015! LOVE LOVE LOVE and not only can you apply it with your hands, it deeply conditions your saddle and your hands at the same time *****"

To create this luxurious leather conditioning treatment I use a blend of organic butters and oils with a bit of natural wax for water repellency. A few drops of sweet orange essential oil are added as it's known to help fix small scratches in leather and keep it clean. Plus the scent of sweet orange with the cocoa scent is heavenly.

Saddle conditioner goes on smooth and dries to a matte, grippy finish. The beeswax assists in water resistance, excellent for eventers or anyone who hacks out and won't let the weather keep them from riding!

To use: simply clean your leather goods with an all natural leather soap (I personally recommend Higher Standards leather soap), then apply the Saddle conditioner with your hands working it into the smooth & rough sides of the leather.

For shoes: only apply to outer surface. Allow to sit overnight in a clean & dry area. Not recommended for use on suede!

I recommend applying with your bare hands (remove jewelry first!) This is also the best method for deep conditioning. You may also just rub a sponge or rag on room temperature saddle conditioner for a light application.

You can clean your tack or leather goods indoors without worrying of toxic chemical fumes. My saddle conditioner is great for your hands as well, they will feel as though you've had a spa treatment after using it!

If you notice some white areas in the morning, too much was applied and the leather couldn't absorb any more. Simply wipe away excess with a damp, warm cloth or your hand. Please note that some grainy texture is part of the natural ingredients used, and will dissipate with the heat of your hands.

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