FDA statement: These products are not intended to treat or cure any illness and have not been evaluated by the FDA

What is a "salve"?

A salve is similar to a balm, only softer. It quickly turns to oil with body heat for easy application! My salves are made with certified organic, raw ingredients from eco-friendly and sustainable sources all over the world!

What animals can I use your products on? 

I make my products for mainly horses and dogs (and people! that's the next FAQ). Please DO NOT use THH products on cats. Cats are odd creatures, and though I love cats, they are very sensitive and do not do well with essential oils. If your cat is having an issue please see your primary vet! Livestock in general love THH products however. They have been used on cows, pigs and goats as well as horses and dogs! 

Can anyone use essential oil products?

Actually, no. I do not recommend using essential oil products on kids under five years of age. Although many people do, this is THH's recommendation. If you are pregnant, please consult your primary doctor before using essential oils. 

Can your products replace veterinary care?

No. Please call your vet if your animal is showing any symptoms of illness or injury! My products are meant to be an organic, natural alternative to products you generally buy at your local feed store for minor problems horses tend to have; small cuts, skin fungus, dry hair etc.. Horses can seriously injure themselves and fall gravely ill- in either case your vet is your best option. 

How long do your products last?

Since our products do not contain any preservatives, we recommend keeping them for 10 months. Please store in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Liniment is best stored in the fridge if possible. 

Do you offer wholesale accounts?

Yes! If you or a store you know are interested in carrying The Herbal Horse please email me at herbalhorseshh@gmail.com

What is your current wait time?

Currently our order wait time is 4-7 business days due to work load (does not include weekends or national holidays). Each order is handmade to order to ensure you are receiving the freshest products possible. 

What is the deal with USEF rules about Lavender etc?  

Some ingredients in THH products are on the forbidden substance list under USEF Drugs & Medications Rules. However, provided THH products are used topically (externally, as instructed), there is no need for restricting their use during competition. If these products are used inappropriately this could result in positive finding which would be a direct violation of USEF rules. Please only use THH products as instructed on the labels. NO products for calming purposes are to used under USEF rules & regulations. It is your  responsibility to ensure you know USEF rules if you are competing in recognized events. 

Return Policy: Due to the handmade nature of our products, and the way they are used we can not accept returns on any used items. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order please contact us at herbalhorseshh@gmail.com and we will try our best to accommodate you.