Heal Quick

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Heal Quick salve is a wonderful multipurpose healing product. Handcrafted to order with certified organic ingredients. 

Heal Quick salve is highly multi-purpose and can be used on wounds, bruises, scrapes, bug bites, burns and anything you would use wound care ointment on. It will also reduce the appearance of scars over time. 

I use it on myself, my horses, dogs, cats and chickens. It's also gentle enough to use as a moisturizer! You won't believe how quickly those nasty injuries will heal and disappear. Heal Quick reduces the discomfort and burning that often come with wounds and the healing process. 

Heal Quick assists in keeping wounds clean by the healing properties belonging to the organic essential oils in my own blend. These amazing oils also promote skin elasticity while reducing scarring.

Heal Quick utilizes the healing powers of organic lavender. If you are showing under USEF rules stop use of Heal Quick 3 days before showing. 

Think it's too good to be true and remain all natural? Check out these five star reviews:

"Ordered this after my horse got cast in his stall and really scratched up the pastern area on one of his hind legs, and we knew that his stitches would only keep the worst closed until they came out. I was very impressed with how much this helped keep the very active area clean and improving. Put it on a few days a week and it's amazing how much better and almost completely healed it is. He likes smelling the tin and learned quickly to let me put it on without a fuss." *****
"Product came on time, along with a very nice note, thank you! I love this product! It does wonders for my eczema, makes my skin feel so soft and can see a difference already." *****

"I LOVE the Heal Quick! I've used it on some cuts (human and equine!) as well as dry skin from winter- works wonders!!" *****

--As with any new product, please patch test before first use on yourself & animals.--
--Shelf life of ~9 months when stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight--
--EXTERNAL use only. It can be used anywhere externally besides in/around the eyes or in ears. Please don't use on children under 6 years old, they need a milder blend. Ask Dr. before use if pregnant. 
--These products have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. These products are not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or aliment.--

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