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Be Calm is a fantastic relaxation/sleep salve for people, dogs and horses in stressful situations or daily use for those that are prone to have an anxious demeanor. Handcrafted to order with 100% certified organic ingredients. 

"Love this product worked so well on my horses and I love it for myself as well! *****"

"I rubbed a very small amount on the ear flaps of my four, very active dogs -- coincidence they spent the evening snoozing peacefully (and me too)? I doubt it. This multi-purpose salve is a hit in my book. And love that it is all natural too.*****"

"This is a GREAT product! The scent is soothing and effective without being overwhelming. I've used it on myself, my horses, and my dogs. Super fast shipping, nice packaging, and a hand-written thank you note really make it special.*****"

"I could not believe how this worked. About ten minutes after I put it on my feet, I became SO relaxed that I just went on to sleep. An amazing product.*****"

Be Calm salve contains oils in a specially formulated blend to reduce stress. Properties include: relaxant, balancing, calming. Aids insomnia, high blood pressure, nervous tension. 

Horses: Excellent for horses in stressful situations such as shipping, shows, clinics, stall confinement, herd separation, storms or any other time your horse may need some peace and comfort.

Apply to horses muzzle, forehead, poll and chest for stress release. I recommend applying 20 minutes prior to needing it. I love to allow my horses to inhale it from the jar and then rub a little into their muzzle before long grooming sessions. 

People: Helps reduce insomnia, stress and anxiety. Just rub it into feet and hands before sleep or during stressful times. Can also be used as an all over anti-bacterial moisturizer, just be prepared to maybe take a nap. Can be applied anywhere but inside eyes, ears, noses and mouths. 

Dogs: Try to have the dog in a peaceful area such as their bed when applying. Apply a small amount to areas such as ear flaps, stomachs and paws with less hair cover.

--As with any new product, please patch test before first use on yourself & animals.--
--Shelf life of ~9 months when stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight--

EXTERNAL use only. Can be used anywhere externally besides in/around the eyes or in ears, inside noses & mouths. DO NOT use on children under 6 years of age. Please do not use on cats, they are hyper sensitive to essential oils and some can be toxic to cats!

--These products have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. These products are not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or aliment.--

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