Face & Body Mist

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An uplifting blend of essential oils and herbal hydrosols, hand picked and blended to create truly one of a kind body mists directly from nature.

You can smell as though you just walked through a wildflower garden, even if you've been in a barn all day. Hydrate and refresh face, skin and hair by enveloping yourself in a fine mist as often as you please. Packaged in a blue four ounce glass spray bottle for easy use wherever you go. 

Absolutely no synthetic fragrance is used. This all organic, gentle body spray can also be used to freshen clothing, linens, the air or your car as well. Please avoid using on wood, as some of the oils can interact with some finishes. Made from organic hydrosols, oils and essential oils.

Please choose from the following scents:

Fresh: simply stated, fresh & happy. This uplifting scent has main notes of grapefruit, lavender and roses. Suitable for day or night wear. You can wear this to lunch with friends and on date night. Men love this scent.

Bulgarian Rose: the most delicious pure garden rose scent. This is the closest you can get to wearing fresh roses around! 

Le Soleil: notes of citrus including pink grapefruit, lemon and tangerine with fresh, sweet grasses. Bright and cheery, uplifting to all the senses.

Herb Garden: an herbaceous & clean, simple blend. Perfect for the minimalist. Lavender, rosemary and lemon.

The Forest: scents of earth, moss and dense evergreen stands. Fresh, captivating and deep. The kind of scent you can smell all day and never get tired of. Unisex scent. Both men and women love this.

Ba Calme: my classic "Be Calm" blend to aid anxiety and sleeping problems plus extra lavender, lavadin essential oils. 

Citrus Mint: a vast array of citrus scents with a hint of fresh mint. Very uplifting and refreshing. Unisex scent. (Is great for mild depression as a bonus)

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