Coat Conditioning Spray- Shine Bright for Horses and Dogs

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You can now choose to add organic Lavender or Citronella oil to your Shine Bright! 

Shine Bright Organic Coat Conditioning Spray contains true natural ingredients. Shine bright is gentle, non-toxic and moisturizing. Will assist in healing rubbed tails, dry manes and lack luster coats. Can be used on horses, livestock and house pets. 

Do you know what's in your current coat conditioner? A bunch of man-made chemicals like non-water soluble silicones that require shampoos with harsh sulfates to rid hair of buildup, mineral oil byproducts of the petroleum industry (also used as solvents), and non-disclosed "fragrance". None of which is good for hair health, much less the sensitive skin of our pets.

The Herbal Horse is committed to handcrafting eco-friendly products that are truly healthy for you and your animals. My conditioning spray includes organic hydrosols (vary by season as I handcraft these- can be rose, lavender, peppermint or lemon balm hydrosol) and a proprietary blend of organic oils and essential oils. 

To Use: 

Pet coats: spray evenly over coat. 

Horse manes & tails: spray liberally into tail and on mane, if tangled hand comb through knots. hen gently begin br ushing hair starting at the bottom and working your way up. Do not rip through the hair! 

Can also be used on your hair of course, as well as a refreshing mist on hot days at the barn as it smells amazing and fresh! Want a certain fragrance? Shoot me an email! I love to create custom orders for my clients. 





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