Whipped Magic

  • $ 18.00

Deeply hydrating Whipped Magic is made with 100% organic fruit seed & nut butters and oils. Organic, all natural, vegan, and safely scented using natures essential oils.

Comes packaged in an eco-friendly 4 ounce metal tin. Great for re-purposing and can be recycled

"This was a gift for my mom as she loves the Asteria scent, it's so beautiful, clean and feminine. It will be my next scent purchase for myself for sure! *****"

"I LOVE the whipped magic, and in a scent that matches my solid perfume, what more could you ask for! *****"

Choose from these scent blends:

Fresh: simply stated as fresh & happy. Very uplifting scent that includes main notes of grapefruit, lavender and roses. Beautiful scent, suitable for day or night wear. You can wear this to lunch with friends and on date night. Men love this scent. 

The Sun: notes of citrus including pink grapefruit, lemon and tangerine with fresh, sweet grasses. Bright and cheery. 

Herb Garden: an herbaceous and clean, simple blend. Perfect for the minimalist. Lavender, rosemary and lemon. 

Be Calm: my Classic Be Calm blend to aid anxiety and sleeping problems plus extra lavender, lavadin essential oils. Be prepared to go to sleep. 

Citrus Mint: a vast array of citrus scents with a hint of fresh mint. Very uplifting and refreshing. Unisex scent. (Is great for mild depression as a bonus)

Apply to clean, dry skin and allow to absorb before dressing. Perfect after exfoliating or before bedtime. 

--Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Should last for nine months when properly stored.

--Please do not use if pregnant, or ask doctor before using essential oil products. If you are pregnant and would like to purchase products, please send me a convo. I am always happy to make custom blends with essential oils safe for use during pregnancy.--